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council will unite with department

Le 9 November 2014, 03:03 dans Humeurs 0

Sponsor the 22th-time Pacific Asia through match organization to leader informal meeting and APEC industry and business leader summit.For the sake of push APEC economy between the economies, culture, folks mutual exchanges, promote China and APEC mutual understand between the economies, the China APEC development council will unite with department concerned to hold China for APEC summit week of head field activity, namely2014 APEC Chinese day series activity.November 7, 2014 and the 8th, APEC Chinese day high peak forum andAPEC Chinese day newly arisen industry forum wills hold in international hotel in Peking and wreath second polo in Tienjin the difference in 2014.Develop the council chairman of the board tension soldier to represent a sponsoring of Chinese Japanese-style row activity square on the high peak forum China APEC of Peking, to welcome Ci and announce a lecture, draw up to invite Pacific Asia region to have influential government company's nike free 4.0 v3 australiaguest to attend meeting to make the decision a lecture at the same time, open the 2014 APEC prologue of summit week together.2014 APEC Chinese day the high peak forum taketotally set up to face to a future Pacific Asia a colleague to relate to as topic and draw up to invite APEC member body high-ranking officials, innovation and get soldier entrepreneur and famous economic problem expert etc., the common discussion pushes economic integral whole in the Pacific Asia district to turn and promote district through

Help a creative development, reform and increase, strengthen an all-directions infrastructure with with each other allied the mutual communication constuct to wait a subject.2014 APEC Chinese day the newly arisen industry forum takedevelop newly arisen industry to promote cooperation to communicate as topic and draw up to invite the getting of the field of APEC member body high-ranking officials, economic officials and science and technology and business enterprise field soldier's thing, with new energy and new generation Internet economy is main direction, inquire into how to rob to have lately an international economic science and technology system Gao Dian, support developing strategic newly arisen industry, develop science and technology innovation to drive a function, adjustment and get stripe an industrial structure, push APEC member body's international nike free 3.0 v4 australiaexchanges and cooperation in the newly arisen industry realm.The 2014 APEC Chinese Japanese-style row activity will display Chinesenew normal of the public diplomacy, build in the APEC frame bottom to develop the new platform thatofficer, produce, learn combines together public diplomacy, with totally set up Pacific Asia colleague's relation and push newly arisen industry and district to innovate to cooperate is topic, well expand at creative cooperation in of comity and business opportunities, absorb the bag of wisdom and resources of Pacific Asia district, push innovation harmony development of local area.The 2014 APEC Chinese Japanese-style row movable official site( has already formally broken through today and welcome Pacific Asia district

Officer, produce, learn, company the people of different walks of life registration register three meeting, medium registration interview is welcome and personally experience personally big family of APEC of festival.The medium new net Pu farmland gives or gets an electric shock(Lin Chun Yin) on October 20mother, the soup of your cook is easy to drink.These are the last words that Li Wei Wei stays to his mother.Li Wei Wei livings in 1985, Fukien province passes away a county Wei network employee in the management center of Ji, is taken out to adjust to pass away a county Ji Wei second Ji to check to inspect room help work in August, this year, fall to the ground to die at the oneself small area on the afternoon of the 17th.Local public security official's nike free run 2 australiaorganization means having already expeled him to kill a possibility currently, affirming to fasten a suicide.On the night of the 19th, win a new net reporter to rush through to pass away to cover small of Li Wei Wei's widow and its family members.The family members said that Li Wei Wei always the personality is bright, the pressure greatly increases after took out to adjust to handle a case, the type of the closing handled a case a period to once appear a head to bump wall vigorous behavior for for the first time, but in addition, didn't see it unusually.After going to and handling a case room in August, he all sleeps in the evening not good.Little Xie Shuo, when she gets up to look after a 2-month-old little infant at 12:00 p.m. always see the husband is dazing or play a cellular phone, she once tried to open a solution, but husband always with Ji the Wei case waded airtight is from, not with she detailed talk.He passes examination unit after, I

husband and wife return to country

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Very not easy be over two sides separation, house also pack good, living darling child in July, our house also calculates happy event to connect a door, he has no reason.Several days that the recollection finally gets along with, small thank although regret to have no to morely be as bright as husband communicate, communication, she always think that the husband is always, express as usual, should not walk dead end.The period of the great occasion of nation, little both the husband and wife return to country to call on relatives, Li Wei Wei and elder make tea and chat with cousin, all very normal.On the 9th, Li Wei Wei gets into the nike free run 3 cheapfirst-time closing type to handle a case procedure.On the 12th, he once came home, the emotion fell low,  faced to hand over to the wife the bank card before going, the small had no him to think, the meaning is to want to go out, afraid that the lane threw and put in the home, this also very normal.On the 15th, Li Wei Wei during the period of going to work emotion abnormality, bump a wall by head, the colleague quickly sends into the county hospital him.The family members Cu cannot compare with to defend, even if thought of to invite to him afterwards the professional doctor measures with his company withthe mother's friend chats with you to carry on a mental state guidance.On the night of the 15th, Li Wei Wei requests going home.The small cross-examinesed his what condition, he doesn't wish to deeply talk, calls pressure very big,  call the wife is good friends with a good care kid, but this sentence Wei

Peacetime also usually says, in small's eyes, the husband is decidedly different from to carry on the back to have the secret the appearance that has to leave.The relevant personnel who passes away Ji Wei confirmed that the pressure play of Li Wei Wei's increasing is after its participation handles a case.Wei office director, Huang Zhi, of Ji, who only passes away a county than old and 1-year-old Li Wei Wei, only means,  the Wei is young, the work is earnest, just be been strength to add to adjust into the nike flykint lunar salemost important case room, if he before excrescent, can't be taken out to adjust to handle a case, either.The right and wrong party member of Li Wei Wei Huang Zhi only means that being this time handles a case more than 20 staff members, , belongs to 2 handle a case(appointed time appointed location), normal on duty by turn, go to work as usual,  he is the first-time contact Ji Wei handle a case, not is to sponsor, just beside learn of, see.Therefore the yellow Zhi only thinks, Li Wei Wei is nonexistent because of handling a case drive frame up etc. problem.At 9:00 a.m. on the 17th, he at the request of small come to open to solve the heart knot of Li Wei Wei with the Ji Wei leadership, we are to be to visit the sick to go, took fruits, feared to stimulate him, had no to directly send.At 2:00 on the noon of the 17th, Huang Zhi only connects notice the first of small to arrive to Li Wei Wei to fall to the ground the spot and wails aloud to weep aloud.We discovered 7 cigarette butts and other thing certificates in the building crest, certificate

Clearly he at that time very calmly, the spot didn't also fight trace, didn't discover to be coerced.Be responsible for investigate this matter of pass away a county police department pair bureau chief Guo En reach to medium the new net reporter said and reconnoitre, adjusted to take a matter to deliver through the spot the small area video frequency supervision records image, goes and sees related witness, and corpse form examination...etc. and have already expeled him to kill currently possibility, affirm to fasten a suicide.I will the cook descend to go to of, for the sake of the kid.When little farewell reporter followed elevator, the language was soon slow-moving but at quiet said.According to understand, the affairs rehabilitates a work basic completion nike free run 2 womensalready, family members' emotion is steady.Report according to Chinese ocean report, October 16, the china sea Jing 1306 ship formally goes into the china sea Jian that branch office in different countries house ocean bureau the North Sea belongs to total brigade in the North Sea in wharf in regiment island in Qingdao.The china sea Jing 1306 ship is another national ocean bureau new completion to construct and consign an use of 3000 ton class the ocean enforce the law ships.The ship on July 23, 2013 Huang Bu in Guangzhou shipbuilding factory the opening construct and enter water on April 30, 2014 and complete to sail to experiment on September 2, 2014.The ship after going into the row then rise a sail performance the ocean maintain the rights task.National secretary Teng Zu text of the branch office party Wei pair in ocean bureau the North Sea means in going into row rites, current country

always keep the good work

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The house at the sea maintains the rights situation complications change more, the ocean administration manages a work task heavy, branch office in the North Sea will implement the working talent job that the good nation gives and carry out each deployment ofconstruction ocean big country and continuously promote ships and equip level and always keep the good work style of seaman troops and create the china sea Jing 1306 ship into one strong war power top-grade enforce the law ships, nike free 3.0 v4 mensensure competence to carry out the important ocean maintains the rights task.The china sea Jing 1306 ship's going into row is the graveness that ocean in the North Sea enforces the law material ability to promote, will definitely become branch office in the North Sea maintenance ocean development order and defend the country the important strength of ocean rights.According to know, the china sea Jing 1306 ship function is good and manipulate vivid, the anti- wind waves ability is strong, provided with the material of enforcing the law of forerunner at the same time, developed an important function towards strengthening our country ocean to enforce the law ability and sea duty willing.On October 14, Jin in Yunnan rather takes place of to 8 die 18 wound conflict the affairs arouse a society to extensively pay attention to.On October 19, did a notification to say according to city hall news in Kunming, police in Yunnan has already obtained importance to be involved evidence and targets a point to be involved a personnel gradually, the case investigates a work still in the middle of developing further now.Notification said,

According to the introduction, matter hair that very day, public security official organization to the spot detection of 6 corpses carry on a body form examination, 6 corpses is male, the cause of death hurts to combine acute to lose blood for 3 people Lu brain, another 3 people are the Lu brains harm, Lu brains to hurt a merger burn and open sex Lu brain harm respectively;To harming tool to mainly have a bluntness machine, long the blade chop down machine, and sophisticated Rui machine...etc..Up to October 17, 8 corpses have already put in the funeral home, and have already found out an identity.Police department in Kunming City pair bureau chief Wang Wei say, public security official's organization obtained importance to be involved evidence and targeted a point to be involved a personnel gradually, the case investigated a work still in the middle of developingnike free 4.0 v3 sale further now.Did to notify before now according to city hall news in Kunming, by public security official organization first step the survey found out, Jin rather county Jin town full of village parts of villagers because of being suffused with a second industrial article company the Mao logistics item in the center construction problem, with construction start construction square vegetable have self-contradict dispute, with the result that item in mid- May, this year was sunk to be held up status.According to the notification, October 14, item construction about thousand square personnels enter the field resume a construction.On that day, is beatupping after having the breakfast of 8 constructions the square the personnel the quilt the villager illegally detain into the village bind the hand and foot in the full of village, and after being spilt gasoline, drag along into the village external term eyes construction now

On the field nearby road.After, more than 100 villagers hold Xie to rush at a construction the spot, construction square before the event organization of several hundred hold Xie unified clothing the personnel and villager Be in brief and vigorous conflict.In this process, the villager throws toward the other party self-made combustion bottle, and spark drive detain a personnel the gasoline on the body, start construction square the personnel also hold Xie and villager to result in important personnel's dying or injuring towards beating, the spot fistfight.Among them, construction construction square 6 people die(among them 4 artificial be illegally detained a personnel by the villager, and all have burn trace), 2 villagers die, and both parties add up to 18 people to get nike free 5.0+ salehurt.According to know, the region has already for many times taken place from advertise for conflict for causing.On June 3 this year, full of thousand villagers of village hold farm implements to beat off several hundred personnels, lift to turn over a police car a several, before detaining officials to force government to release early drive grasp of villager.Villager:They don't stop a body toward the villager up throw pebble is comprehensive to report according to the city China Times, legal system evening newspaper, full of village villager tree glory mean, before formally conflicting, the morning of the 14th, the villager discovered be bound in the picture of a few business enterprise construction square personnel, these people claim to be owner to pay to please of.Till around 2:00 p.m., conflict explosion, tree glory said, on the afternoon of the 14th 2

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